An Experts Guide to Comparing Artificial Grass Installers


An Expert's Guide to Comparing Artificial Grass Installers

Don't be tempted by the allure of a cheap, unqualified artificial grass installer. A bad installation job can result in exposed seams that destroy an artificial lawn's appeal and require extra work. Improper installation can also lead to drainage problems and uneven surfaces. 

But how do you choose the right artificial grass installer? 

How can you even know if your installer is qualified? 

Get tips and tricks from the experts by downloading our free guide. 

Yes, I'd like to know how to find the right artificial grass installer!


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Google for Quantity, not Quality

Learn the right and the wrong way to interpret Google results. 

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Getting Project Estimates

Learn when you should compare installers based on price.

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10 Installer "Must-Haves" You Need to Know About

Learn what to look for in an artificial grass installer.

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Installation Warranties

Learn how installation warranties differ from product warranties.

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Analyzing Negative Reviews

Learn why not all negative reviews are equally bad.

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Virtual Appointments

Learn the best way to get accurate project estimates.